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County Permitting Fee Breaks Triumvirate
(released 10/16/2007)

On Monday, October 1st, Miami-Dade County started charging an application fee for filming. The fee is $100. There are also additional fees for filming on certain grounds such as Crandon Park and Metro Zoo.

In September, the City of Miami Beach disagreed with the county stance and held up their position of not charging a fee to do still or motion picture photography.

When asked about the current stance of the City of Miami Beach, Film Commissioner Graham Winnick responded, "Currently the county has not implemented the fee and we are advising clients to continue using the Filmiami system. In the meantime, our IT department is trying to resurrect our older permit system which is limiting, but will, when operational, provide a free option for those using Miami Beach and having no county needs."

"The City of Miami Film Commissioner Robert Parente had the following to say, "We are staying in the county system (Filmiami) for the convenience of those who are also pulling a county permit, or just plain don't care about the charge. We will soon be up and running an application, through our webpage/site, that will allow for you to get a permit directly from us free of charge. You could also come to our office in person and apply."

If and when these systems are implemented still remains to be seen, but it appears that the cities are heading in their own directions.

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