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Disney / Florida Promote No Smoking in Films
(released 7/31/2007)

As many may have already heard from all the major news outlets, Disney President and CEO Robert Iger wrote a letter to US Representative Edward Mackey from Massachusetts. Mackey is the Chairman of the House Telecommunications and the Internet Subcommittee. The letter states that Disney is committing to a non-smoking policy with regards to future films. Also, Iger states that Disney will place anti-smoking PSAs on DVDs that include cigarette smoking.

Here's a copy of the letter in pdf format.

Coincidentally, the state of Florida's film incentive has added an extra 2% for 'family friendly' film productions. One of the stipulations is to not include any smoking.

Is this a sign that Disney will be filming something in Florida? With the possibility of an added 2% cash back on top of 15% in Florida expenditures and the possibility of another 5% for filming during hurricane season, the incentive is in place.

Universal has been making their productions here. Sydney White. Bring It On 4. Those 2 films were shot before the 'family friendly' reimbursement became law. The film being shot right now Get Some may make the cut for being 'family friendly,' but even if it doesn't, it still qualifies as a production during the height of hurricane season. Get Some, although not a Uni production, will still be distributed by them. Also on the slate is an Ace Ventura and another Beethoven film. If these hold to form, they may qualify as 'family friendly' as well.

I have made a couple of attempts by email to find out how many projects are actually applying for this extra 2%. I still haven't received a response from the state film commissioner's office.

Below is the language from the incentive program:

A certified production determined by the Commissioner of Film and Entertainment, with the advice of the Florida Film and Entertainment Advisory Council, to be family friendly based on the review of the script and an interview with the director is eligible for an additional reimbursement equal to 2 percent of its actual qualified expenditures. Family friendly productions are those that have cross-generational appeal; would be considered suitable for viewing by children age 5 and older; are appropriate in theme, content, and language for a broad family audience; embody a responsible resolution of issues; and do not exhibit any act of smoking, sex, nudity, or vulgar or profane language.

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