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Lionsgate Takes Minority Ownership of Roadside
(released 7/30/2007)

Lionsgate has closed a deal to purchase a minority ownership stake in the independent theatrical distribution company Roadside Attractions LLC.

Having exited the IDP partnership earlier this year, Roadside has been ramping up its own in-house theatrical distribution, marketing and publicity staff to release its films. Lionsgate's investment is passive and Roadside will remain an autonomous entity, theatrically releasing 12 to 14 films a year. Roadside theatrical releases will be distributed through Lionsgate in home entertainment and all ancillary markets.

"Lionsgate's investment is a fantastic opportunity for Roadside Attractions and provides us with the resources to get to the next level," said Cohen and d'Arbeloff in a joint statement. "They started in our business, so of course they get it. Lionsgate's investment will allow Roadside to both continue hitting our "singles and doubles" such as our releases of Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic and Boynton Beach Club (shot in West Palm Beach by Susan Seidelman's Snowbird Films), as well as to hit more home runs like Amazing Grace."

Boynton Beach (Bereavement) Club was directed by Susan Seidelman's Snowbird Films and shot at locations in West Palm Beach, Florida including the G-Star School School of the Arts.

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