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LA Director Takes Miami Film To Cannes Market
(released 5/8/2007)

Director/Producer Brent Bambic has just completed his latest feature film Exploring Love, a story that speaks to the universal theme of finding personal happiness. Exploring Love will have its world premiere in this year’s Cannes Film Market.

Bambic’s first feature Runaways, which had its world premiere in a previous Cannes Film Market, deals with the issue of runaway kids struggling to survive on the streets of Los Angeles. Now Bambic addresses the issue of feelings of emptiness as experienced by Sean Parker (Matthew Pearson), a successful young man running a talent agency in Miami Beach, who discovers his materialistic lifestyle has left him unfulfilled.

Rising stars Matthew Pearson, JeanPaul SanPedro, Kristia Knowles, Katherine Newcomer and Ashley Noel will light up the screen in this sexy-spiritual movie that chronicles a slice of the life of a single man living a lifestyle desired by many.

Exploring Love was shot on HD and will capture the hip international vibe of Miami. Production took approximately four weeks and features many high-end locations which will highlight the glamour and excitement of Miami, but only as a backdrop to the very real story of a young man who strives to find true fulfillment. In truth, this story could take place in any major city. After a few empty love affairs and some deep soul searching Sean discovers where the answer to happiness lies.

The world premiere of Exploring Love is slated for Sunday, May 20 at 3:30pm and the encore will be on Tuesday, May 22 at 5:30pm, both at Gray 2. For further details, please visit the Cannes market website, or refer to the Cannes Market Guide.

For more information regarding Exploring Love, please contact truth+spirit films at 310-420-2014 or, or visit

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