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House Incentive Bill Update
(released 4/4/2007)

HB 1325 will be heard tomorrow (Thursday, 4/5) in the Policy and Budget Council of the House of Representatives, its final stop before going to the floor of the House for a final vote. Meeting is scheduled from 9:00AM to 4:00PM in room 212 of the Knott Building, a wing off of the Capitol buildingin Tallahassee.

The bill will feature a few technical amendments and keep the $75 million total tax credit funding over three years, allocating $25 million per year. If the total allocated credits exceed the aggregate amount in a year, the excess will be considered as having been applied for in the next fiscal year. The bill also retains the ability to roll forward any unused tax credits from one year into the next year.

Chairman Dean Cannon will present the bill on behalf of Rep. Don Davis. The Policy and Budget Council is chaired by Chairman Ray Sansom of Ft. Walton Beach.

The Council will be hearing quite a number of bills in addition to ours. Here is the agenda:

HB 129 -- Community Contribution Tax Credits
HB 135 -- Local Business Taxes
CS/HB 229 -- Guardian Ad Litem Program
CS/HB 251 -- Regional Transportation Facilities
CS/HB 271 -- Contracting for Efficiency or Conservation Measures by State Agencies
CS/HB 289 -- Textbook Affordability
CS/HB 395 -- Surplus State Lands
CS/HB 455 -- Organ and Tissue Donation
CS/HB 461 -- High School Athletics
CS/HB 463 -- Pub. Rec. & Meetings/Drug Tests
CS/HB 475 -- Local Business Taxes
CS/HB 507 -- Dependent Children and Youth
HB 531 -- Online Dating Services
CS/HB 575 -- School Safety
CS/HB 651 -- Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
CS/HB 807 -- Domestic Violence
CS/HB 967 -- Physical Education
CS/HB 1041 -- Children's Zones
CS/HB 1083 -- Homelessness
CS/HB 1117 -- Personal Identification Information
CS/HB 1121 -- Florida Health Information Network Corporation
HB 1123 -- Pub. Rec./Florida Health Information Network Corporation
CS/HB 1181 -- Foster Care and Related Services
CS/HB 1231 -- Prostitution
CS/HB 1325 -- Entertainment Industry Economic Development
CS/HB 1363 -- Organized Criminal Activity
CS/HB 1401 -- Access to Health Care
CS/HB 1451 -- Procurement of Personal Property and Services
CS/HB 1457 -- Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers, Distributors, and Dealers
HB 1483 -- Local Government Revenue Sources
CS/HB 1579 -- North Okaloosa Fire District, Okaloosa County

This information has been provided by the Governor's Office of Film & Entertainment. You may contact them at (877) FLA-FILM (352-3456) or visit

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