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WPBT creating space for local content
(released 1/26/2007)

WPBT is about to launch a brand new website that will feature arts and cultural organization's video. Sort of like a "local" This is just some information for your information. More information on how to get involved will follow soon.

uVu (pronounced "You View") is the centerpiece of WPBT/Channel 2's digital content, a standalone section of their website which features Broadband video divided into four different categories. Along with their Digital Broadcast channels, they will provide access to a variety of independent voices across South Florida . Among the featured content will be newly produced materials highlighting arts and culture throughout the region along with full lectures, discussions and symposia originally hosted by many of the areas Museums , Libraries and Universities. The most dynamic section will feature material solicited from the community, citizen journalists, independent filmmakers and grassroots community groups. All this content will be available for streaming, in addition, uVu users will be able to comment and respond to all the video.

uVu will allow for arts institutions along with local artists, museums, and schools to supply content and create a regional forum for archiving events and exhibits. WPBT will create a living warehouse of content which might otherwise be lost as a one-time-only live event. The opportunity to expose new audiences and both excite and incite them will add value to the wealth of events the region hosts. The key word is access; making arts and culture accessible to the greatest number of users can only raise the level of social and civic discourse in the region.

Ultimately WPBT will create a regional, online community for South Florida, which becomes the primary destination for anyone interested in taking the "social temperature" of South Florida . The hope is that shared content and the response to this content will fit within the broad civic and educational purposes at the heart of public broadcasting's mission. Tangentially, will be able to drive live audiences to the many cultural events which South Florida hosts, either in real time (the live event), through digital broadcast (on Channel 2's digital lineup) or as an on-demand stream.

WPBT/Channel 2
14901 NE 20th Avenue
Miami, FL 33181

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