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KSFilms First Feature on FilmBaby, Second in Pre
(released 6/28/2006)

KSFilms's feature film Delivery is now available on DVD for purchase. It is currently on the front page of under June Releases. If you don't see it there, type Delivery into their search engine.

You can view a trailer in our Trailer Park and the full feature is also scheduled to be shown on The Horror Channel.

On the heals of Delivery, KSFilms is in pre-production of their next feature film, Second Coming. Casting will be in Orlando and Miami throughout the month of July. Most of the shooting will take place throughout Orlando with a few locations in Miami. It is a paid, non-SAG production. They are shooting on Super 16 and HD.

Synopsis of Second Coming:

Lora Gerritsen, a successful photographer working in the big city, has always had a deep connection to her twin sister Ashley. As they grew up, Lora would always feel what Ashley was feeling, and vice versa, whether it was pain, sorrow or happiness, they both felt each other. But now something is different, Lora feels something wrong, something dark... Ashley has died, killed by a disturbed man during a one-time bout of rage.

The problem is... there is no body; no clues and the police in the small town where Ashley lived... are helpless.

Lora must now leave the city and try to find her sister. Also... she has seen the killer, she knows him, through dreams, through visions, as Ashley remains connected to her from beyond the grave.

Our killer, Barry Drake, is a well-known and well-loved member of a small community and a family man. What he doesn't know is that Lora is going to return to his small town and follow her sister's footsteps, assume her identity and find him.

And once she does this, she will unleash a psychological cat and mouse game that will make Barry's inner animal come to the open.

Who will win this game


The film has been written and will be scored and directed by Jose Cassella. Jose Yacaman will EP and he and Ralph Harden will produce.

There is more info and a character breakdown available at

For inquiries or to submit your headshots, send them ONLY to:

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