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Rewind/Fast Forward Set For July In Miami Beach
(released 6/28/2006)

The Louis Wolfson II Florida Moving Image Archive is a treasure trove of historical and documentary footage for filmmakers. The Archive is presenting the fifth Rewind/Fast Forward Film & Video Festival from July 28-30 at the Colony Theater on Miami Beach.

The first such festival of its kind in the country, Rewind/Fast Forward explores all facets of documentary filmmaking, film and video preservation, film and television history, and the use of archival images in new productions, including many that utilize footage from the Louis Wolfson II Florida Moving Image Archive.

This three-day festival is a combination of premieres, screenings, seminars, and other special events. Capturing the spirit of Rewind/Fast Forward's broad sweep is Clips & Conversation with filmmaker Billy Corben and producer Alfred Spellman about their documentary Cocaine Cowboys, which reveals the amoral bumptiousness of the Miami Vice era, offering a raucous look at Miami's cocaine trafficking, fusing solid reporting with an evocative soundtrack.

Other films include Tell Me Cuba, a documentary by Megan Williams that sets out to unravel the complexities behind the 40-year old embargo; I Just Wanted To Be Somebody by Jay Rosenblatt, part documentary/ part poem that reflects on Anita Bryant's life and the impact she had on the religious right and the gay liberation movement; and a restored Technicolor print of Funny Girl, starring Barbra Streisand.

All of the films and programs either incorporate archival images from the Archive and or explore Florida or archival themes. Among the award winning filmmakers who have attended past festivals screening their most recent works, are Bill Morrison (Two from the Bells); Robert Stone, (Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst); and Shola Lynch (Chisolm '72).

The last Rewind/Fast Forward Film & Video Festival featured a live sound and video tribute to John Cage; a rare 3-D screening of "It Came From Outer Space" and live musical accompaniment to some of the earliest silent films made in Florida.

For more information about the Festival or the Archive, please call (305) 375-1505 or visit

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