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2nd Annual Indie Film Jam in Orlando
(released 5/16/2006)

Downtown Orlando is going to be full of activities this week as the Florida Music Festival takes over 15 venues with music, panels, beer and... films.

This is the festival's 5th year, but marks the 2nd year of the Indie Film Jam. The Film Jam kicks off Wednesday, May 17th and continues with screenings every night through Sunday, May 21st.

Highlighting this year's Jam will be 2 feature films, Screaming Masterpieces and Street Credentials. Also, many short films and music videos from Florida and around the country will screen at the Downtown Media Arts Center (DMAC).

Find a full schedule of events at  For directions or more info on the DMAC, go to

Here's a list of the films and the filmmakers representing our home state:

The Creed (2005)
Director: Adam Arnali
A young Japanese juvenile finds himself trapped in a NYC basement and recites a 14th century samurai poem to try to inspire himself to escape.

On Being Your Average Joe (2005)
Directed by: Ryan Pomeranz
The story of one man's efforts to define normalcy and his struggle to fit its mold.

Infidelephant (2005)
Directed by: Steven Shea
Infidelephant is a short dramady that shows the chaotic effects of life, love, and drug abuse on the semi-American family.

Tides (2006)
Directed by: Ryan Bevilacqua
One day a young man is walking along the beach when he discovers a bottle in the water. When he picks it up he realizes that there's a message inside. Just for fun he decides to write back.

D-Grade (2004)
Directed by: Jeff Ecker
A radio personality gets in over his head while trying to impress a girl at a bar remote.

Broken (2005)
Directed by: Alex Ferrari
Bonnie Clayton has it all, a great relationship, a challenging career, and the burden of a dream that grows more vivid and disturbing with each passing night. But when Bonnie is abducted by a sadistic stranger, she discovers that the key to her survival lies within the familiar realms of her recurring dream.

Tycho's Nova (2005)
Directed by: Soo Jin Hwang
Finn, a young woman found at sea as a child, must choose between her all-consuming passion to sing and the fisherman who rescued her.

A Tale of Two Megans (2006)
Directed by: Fred Zara
Confident science major Mark Jarvis has never encountered a problem he couldn't solve through cool-headed analysis... until he falls in love with two equal-but-opposite woman.

Vapid Existence (2005)
Directed by: Mark Stelljes
An experimental short film that shows what happens when watching too much TV becomes your biggest nightmare.

6 Out of 7 (2005)
Directed by: Marc Shapins
A romantic comedy about a man who meets a girl and his story of trying to get her phone number right.

Mr. Malikai Battles the Aeroplane (2005)
Directed by: Drew Blatman
The quiet life of Mr. Malikai turns far too loud when an unexpected aeroplane won't leave him alone.

Wish (2005)
Directed by: Jose Zambrano Cassella
Frustrated by her boring, mundane life and annoying co-workers, Laura is driven almost to the point of insanity. Until her wish is fulfilled.

Knuckle Down (2006)
Directed by: Jonathon Aubrey Mince
A young man enters the world of underground boxing as a last resort to a means of survival. Unbeknownst to this man are the unseen agendas of the underground world he will soon face.

They Spelled Wednesday Wrong (2006)
Directed by: John Theisen
An obscure case of mistaken identity piques one man's interest during an open-mic Wednesday. Is there more to the Soul Post Lounge than meets the eye?

Watch it Stick (2006)
Directed by: D.Walter Miller & G.Marshall Head
Short film that chronicles the courses of both the Champ and Contender on their way to the International Sticky-Hands Federation Championships.

Altered Boy (2006)
Directed by: Israel Rodriguez
When a successful fiction writer finds herself writing a book on the real life story of an up and coming defense attorney on death row for the murder of an Archbishop, her views of God and church are shaken.

Work Farm (2005)
Directed by: Jason Kupfer
Work Farm details the inevitable and unfortunate transition from innocent childhood simplicity into the dreary and competitive system of industry.

Barrio Boys (2006)
Directed by: Anthony Torres
A musical comedy about an ex-Menudo member's attempt to start a new boy band. Tony El Guapo is stuck in his day job as a piragua cart street vendor. What's a former teen idol to do? Comeback! With a new Boy Band!

And here are the music videos:

Deadspot – "Agonize" (2004)
Directed by: Chris Edwards

7 Blue Skies - "Disappearing Act" (2006)
Directed by: Matthew Hutchens & Brendan Cleaves • ( /

Alien Lizzie – "Buy$exual" (2005)
Directed by: Elizabeth Anne • (

The Heathens - "Stickin' Around" (2006)
Directed by: Ben Piety • ( /

DC-3 - "Stay" (2006)
Directed by: Derek Cintron • (

Crease – "Nothing is Real" (2005)
Directed by: Eduardo Fierro • (

Modernage - "Bella"  (2005)
Directed by: Juan M. Garcia • (

Select Start's - "Care a Little for Caroline" (2006)
Directed by: Kyle Barrett • ( /

FURIOUS! – "Freedom" (2004)
Directed by: Cragmire Peace • ( /

Matt Ames - "Who" (2005)
Directed by: Matt Ames • (

Asphalt - "Crazy" (2006)
Directed by: Jay Welker • (

Shebang - "Spinning Lies" (2006)
Directed by: Ruskov • ( /

Craymo - "Take it Slow" (2005)
Directed by: Don Cobb • ( /

March to May - "Radiogram" (2006)
Directed by: Stephen Branciforte • (

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