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Cinema Vortex presents Consumption Junction
(released 5/9/2006)

Delight in another trip to Public Domain Playhouse, Cinema Vortex's innovative exploration of the strange and silly world of public domain films. "Consumption Junction" examines that all-American obsession - consumerism - through eyes literally alien to our culture.

Come along as Martians from the public domain cult classic "Santa Claus vs. the Martians" try their hardest to understand our culture -- while under bombardment by a manic montage of TV dinners, mass production, credit cards and more - all revealed in vintage film clips tripping through American consumer culture from its tentative beginnings in the '30s to its explosive development after World War II.

Public Domain Playhouse's latest screening is related to the Wolfsonian collection and the role seductive imagery plays in shaping consumer's desires -- and their purchases. Don't miss this "Free Fridays at the Wolf" event presented by Cinema Vortex and the Wolfsonian-FIU.

It's all FREE and open to the public. The consumption starts at 7:00 pm Friday, May 12, at the Wolfsonian, located at 1001 Washington Avenue on Miami Beach.

Call 305-614-5700 or check for details. Contact the Wolfsonian at 305-531-1001 or visit

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