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Miami Dade College To Host 2nd Colombian Film Fest
(released 12/26/2005)

Films from Colombia will be featured at the 2nd annual Colombian Film Festival hosted by Miami Dade College. The festival will take place Friday, January 6 through Sunday, January 15, 2006 at the MDC North Campus William and Lehman Theater, 11380 N.W. 27th Ave., Building 5, Miami, FL.

The festival will open with the film El Rey directed by Josė Antonio Dorado. Other films to be showcased and not previously presented in the United States are "La sombra del caminante" and "Sin amparo", as well as the newest production by renowned movie director Víctor Gaviria, "Sumas y restas" (Additions and Substractions). He also directed the film "La Vendedora de Rosas and Rodrigo D no Futuro."

Sumas y restas is the story of Santiago, an engineer who makes a living selling real estate. He is from a good family, married and lives off his work. Santiago admires El Duende, a childhood friend who has become a drug dealer, for his free and independent lifestyle. Thanks to El Duende's contacts, Santiago begins to sell land, apartments and other properties to –traquetos- allowing him to live comfortably. But then El Duende decides to leave the drug dealing business and leaves Santiago in the hands of Gerardo, his wife's cousin, who is also involved in illicit business, and awakens in Santiago the obsession for easy riches leading him to get caught up in and involved directly in the business. Santiago starts to believe money is the solution to all his problems and he sells his soul when he starts drug dealing. When Santiago becomes a -traqueto- his values change and disagreements, bad blood and jealousy soon become between him and Gerardo who becomes a vampire that sucks everything out of him. Gerardo arranges for Santiago to be kidnapped by his own workers and strips him of all the money he has earned, not only from drug dealing but also through his legal activities, thus leaving him bankrupt. But life is a game in this film and what has been taken away from Santiago, allows him to value what is truly essential: The affection of his wife and friends, the air he breaths; elemental values that are only appreciated when you loose them and have to work to get them back.

"Adversity is not a barrier to stop Miami Dade College from bringing artistic and cultural events to the public and, although the Colombian Film Festival had to be cancelled due to hurricane Wilma, we embrace the New Year with a fresh and remarkable movie series that will captivate our Hispanic Community," said North Campus President Dr. José Vicente.

The event will feature workshops with directors and actors exploring the current status of Colombian cinematography. The public is invited to attend these daily interactive workshops, taking place right after the showing of each film.

WHAT: Second Annual Colombian Film Festival at Miami Dade College
WHEN: Friday, January 6th through Sunday, January 15th, 2006

WHERE: Miami Dade College North Campus William and Lehman Theater, 11380 N.W. 27th Ave., Building 5, Miami, FL.

Ticket price for all films is $5.

For more information, contact: Marisol Correa, (305) 237-1195.

For a complete schedule, go to

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