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Animator ALEX FRIDERICI shares technique
(released 10/14/2004)

Alex works independently for CafeFX (, MTV Latino and Nickolodeon and his credits include Spy Kids 3D, the Terminal and Sky Captain.He will present some of the techniques he used on Sky Captain. If you have a chance go see the movie beforehand so you are familiar with the scenes. After the presentation they will have a Q&A session and raffle off some more goodies! (Some great SIGGRAPH and gaming stuff)

This event is the next SIGGRAPH meeting in Ft Lauderdale

Tuesday October 19th at 7 PM at the CEC Studios, 220 S.E. 2nd Ave, 9th Floor of the FAU Askew Tower.

$5 donation at the door, since they do not have any budget from the SIGGRAPH organization, they usually ask for this small donation to support the speakers.

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