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Film Series @ Miami Art Deco Preservation League
(released 6/3/2005)

The finale of the Spring Film Series is set to take place June 9, 2005. The evening will begin @ 7:00p.m. with three New Era documentaries. The films were used by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration to promote the New Deal programs. The screening is free and open to the public with an RSVP to 305-674-1736 recommended.

The event will take place @ the Art Deco Welcome Center Auditorium - 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. The film screenings are part of a series of free lectures, films and exhibits presented by the Miami Design Preservation League throughout the year.

The following Documentaries will be presented.

The River (30 minutes), written and directed by Pare Lorentz, was named Best Documentary at the 1938 Venice Film Festival and was also nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in poetry. Its visual narrative dramatizes the flow of rivers and tributaries that converge into the Mississippi River.

The Plow That Broke the Plains (26 minutes), also written and directed by Pare Lorentz, relates the history of the Great Plains and brings to light how American agriculture and economic and political factors influenced the development and overdevelopment of the land.

H.B. McClure's The New Frontier (11 minutes), a Federal Emergency Relief Administration Picture, spotlights the "colonists" of an experimental cooperative community in Wood Lake, Texas.

Power and the Land (38 minutes), directed by Joris Ivens with photography by Floyd Crosby, chronicles the life of the Petersons, a dairy farming family in Ohio. The film, produced for the Rural Electrification Administration, United States Department of Agriculture, documents their lives before and after they received the power of electricity.

The Miami Design Preservation League is a non-profit preservation and arts organization founded in 1976. It is devoted to preserving, protecting and promoting the architectural, cultural, social, economic, and environmental integrity of the Miami Beach Architectural Historic District (Art Deco District) as well as other areas of the city and South Florida, wherever historic preservation is a concern. MDPL is the oldest Art Deco society in the world.

MDPL is headquartered at the Art Deco Welcome Center, 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida 33139.

For a complete calendar of events, visit the Miami Design Preservation League at, or call 305/672-2014 for more information.

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