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Free Fridays at the Wolf
(released 6/1/2005)

On Friday, June 10th, Cinema Vortex and Wolfsonian-FIU will be presenting Value Added Cinema: A Product Placement Compendium by Steve Seid and Peter Conheim.

A months-in-the-making trip through three-plus decades of often-notorious instances of "product placement" in Hollywood movies, Value Added Cinema is an in-ad-vertent collage that has been described by preview audiences as "a hellish trip to a shopping mall with no exit" and "not funny."

Steve Seid writes, "Commercial cinema is becoming just that, a commercial - ninety minutes of seamless advertising, corralling all artistry within the comfy confines of the saleable. In years past, the propmaster, like Wile E. Coyote, had a pantry filled with generic products, Acme beer, Acme cereal, or Acme explosives. Then the propmaster was replaced by the product peddler, who envisioned great exposure for his wares. Film producers, in turn, saw the benefits in big bucks, bucking the integrity of the films themselves. Product Placement (P.P.) infiltrated the Dream Factory with an array of lovely goods and foodstuffs - sneaky salutations to the merchandised environment."

The film will be shown in the Auditorium of the Wolfsonian, located at 10th Street and Washington Avenue on Miami Beach. Admission to the screening and museum galleries is free after 6:00 pm.

A tour of the museum's current exhibitions begins at 6:00 pm. Reduced rate parking is available with validation at the 12th Street Municipal Parking Lot. "Free Fridays at the Wolf" is sponsored by The Miami Herald.

For more information, visit the Cinema Vortex website: or call 305.614.5700.

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