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FLA Entertainment Industry Uniting March 22, 2005
(released 3/10/2005)

VERY IMPORTANT! Entertainment Industry Uniting on Tuesday, March 22nd!

Talent, Crew, Producers, Writers and Directors from all over the state are joining forces and converging in Tallahassee on March 22nd to meet the State Film Commissioner Susan Albershardt (she works out of the Governor’s office) and then walk the halls with Industry leaders to meet key legislators with one unified voice to obtain at least $20 million dollars for this year’s Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive and to increase the operating budget of the Office of Film & Entertainment by an additional $500,000. Properly funding this incentive is critical and will easily bring hundreds of millions of dollars of film, tv, and commercial work to all of us! Industry people in the Orlando area will be car pooling up to Tallahassee for this important one day excursion. We will be coordinating with people from all other areas of the state from Naples and Miami to Jacksonville. If you are not working that day, make SURE you join us! We are expecting well over 100 industry people to go, but if you can not attend and would like to HELP your own industry, please feel free to make a small donation to help defray out of pockets costs. A donation to one of the organizations below will help provide extra money that will be used to feed extra crew and to help reimburse individuals for gas and tolls. A HUGE thank you goes to The Cookie Jar and ACT III who have already made donations!

Date: Tuesday, 3/22/05

Call Time: 6:15am (we will be leaving at 6:30a.m. sharp).

Location: We are meeting in the Universal Studios parking lot off Production Plaza Blvd. (Across from the Hess gas station)

Food: "The Cookie Jar" is donating 100 Box lunches!

Drinks: "ACT III Acting Studio" is donating bottled water and sodas!

Pay: No pay, but all cast and crew will benefit greatly when this incentive is properly funded!

Wardrobe: Casual black or blue (slacks & polo or button down) or business attire if desired.

Wrap: We will wrap late Tuesday afternoon and return to Orlando Tuesday night.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Scott duPont (FMPTA- Orlando President) 407 - 629 - 7268
Susan Janis-Mashayekhi (WIFT - Florida President)
Melissa Gruver (UFTA - Orlando President) 407 - 222 - 0482
Joe Humphreys (IATSE # 477) 407 - 947 - 2646

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