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Coolio Writes and Performs Two Songs in Retirement
(released 3/9/2005)

Coolio is taking his rap to the big screen in Corner Stone Pictures' comedy "Retirement," a fast-moving new comedy starring film icons Peter Falk, Rip Torn, George Segal and Bill Cobbs, cast in the role originally slated for the late Ossie Davis. The veteran actors play four curmudgeonly, old Florida retirees who decide to embark on a road trip to Las Vegas, stopping in New Orleans en route.

The Grammy, American Music and three-time MTV music award-winning rapper has composed two songs for the film. Coolio is playing big-time rapper, Master Flow, who is nephew to Cobbs' character, "Marvin."

Coolio will perform both songs in the film. One performance will be on stage, at a concert that takes place in the city of New Orleans, where Coolio's character meets up with the four old men and joins them in their journey.

Additionally, both songs will appear on the film's sound track set to go on sale at the time of the film's release, and on Coolio's upcoming album due out for release in the spring of 2005.

"Working on this picture has been an adventure," Coolio said. "My one regret is that I did not get a chance to work with Ossie Davis. I was really looking forward to that. My time has been real cool, everyone has shared a lot with me, and I feel I grow on every picture...and who knows, maybe I taught someone a thing or two."

Corner Stone Pictures' "Retirement" is a Charlie Picerni film, directed by Picerni from a screenplay by Jon Warner and Michael Pietrzak. The film is produced by Pietrzak and Picerni. The comedy feature-length film is a riotous amalgam of "Grumpy Old Men" meets "Road Trip" and is being filmed on location in Miami, New Orleans and Las Vegas.

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