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Magic City Extras paid roles
(released 8/31/2012)

Miami Productions is seeking paid extras for Season 2 of Magic City:

**Note: This production takes place in the 1950's. You will be required to come in for a paid fitting and possible haircut before you are booked.


ASIAN PROSTITUTE: Female, Very Attractive, 18-30 yrs old, MUST BE WILLING TO BE FULLY NUDE. This pays a significantly higher rate than regular background work. Put "PRO" in subject line when submitting. Tentatively scheduled for one day during the week of September 10th. An interview may be required.

REAL WAITRESSES AND BARTENDERS: Attractive Men & Women, Ages 18-30. Any Ethnicity. Put "WAITSTAFF" in subject line.

EXPERIENCED PERIOD CAR DRIVERS: We are looking for anyone who has experience in driving older model cars from the 40's - 60's. These cars are very difficult to handle and require people with experience to drive them. Should be familiar with "on the column", "double clutch", etc. Please detail your experience. Put "DRIVER" in subject line.

REAL NURSES AND DOCTORS: Men & Women, ages 25-55, any ethnicity. Put "MEDICAL" in subject line. Please detail your experience.

CURRENT & FORMER LAW ENFORCEMENT: Men, ages 25-55, Caucasian. Detail your law enforcement experience. Put "LAW" in subject line.

ELEVATOR GIRLS: VERY Attractive & Stunning Females, ages 18-25, Hispanic or Hispanic looking. These girls "work" in the hotel and may wear tight or revealing clothing. Pays higher than regular background rate. Put "ELEVATOR" in subject line.

HOTEL GUESTS: Men & Women, ages 18-65, any ethnicity. Put "HOTEL" in subject line.

ATTRACTIVE NATURAL WOMEN: Females, ages 18-40, curvy but not overweight . We are keeping an eye out for beautiful, NATURAL women for various roles. Put "CURVY" in subject line.

As mentioned above, you will be required to come to a fitting and may require a haircut.

To be considered please read the following instructions and send an email with the below information to

Include the following information:
Contact Phone Number
Blouse/Dress Size

Please email three (3) current snapshots of the following angles. NO PROFESSIONAL PICTURES. Make sure photos are well lit and of only yourself.

1.) Waist Up picture
2.) Head & Shoulder picture
3.) Full body shot, head to toe.

Make sure to note the role you are submitting for in the subject line of your email.

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