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Universal Music Publishing Group Supports MVC '05
(released 3/2/2005)

With the support of companies and organizations like Universal Music Publishing Group, BMI, Sprockets Music and the Miami Music Authority, the Entertainment Industry Incubator announces the launch of its second annual guerilla music video challenge, MVC '05. Last year's winners received a one year publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing and the ability to shoot a video for Universal Music Latino.

Following on the heels of its seven-year-old highly successful statewide short film competition, Collaboration...A Short Film Contest, this challenge has been the first to marry the talents of both music and film. Music makers from around the State will assemble in teams of eight to write, record, shoot and edit a five minute (or less) video based on an assigned theme. Each team will consist of a music producer, composer, artist(s), sound engineer/playback, video producer, director/writer, editor, and camera person and will be categorized by genre. The teams will be given a theme and they will have 21 days to write and produce the music, shoot and edit their video project. The seven genres are pop, rock, urban, country, jazz/blues, Tropical/Caribbean and experimental/other.

There will be four orientations presented in several key locations around the state of Florida where the guidelines will be presented and teams can be formed. People are welcome to gather from cities nearby so that they can have the benefit of in-person registration and the ability to pick a team of their choice. People may sign up individually (and be matched with other music and video makers), as a partial team or have all team members together at the orientation.

The orientations will take place on March 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th in Gainesville, Orlando, Tampa and Hollywood respectively (visit for specifics). This year's theme will be announced on March 23rd and all groups will have a total of 21 days to complete the five minutes or less project and turn it into the competition's headquarters on April 13th Participants must be Florida residents and come together as a team of eight.

The entry fee package price is $50 per person, which includes admission to the seminar and final screening in May in Miami. At this event, the top videos will be shown to an audience of industry professionals and their supporters. The finalists will be judged by senior-level industry executives.

For more information about the music video challenge, please visit or contact Franceasca Seiden ( and/or Meagan Pava-Lewis ( at the Entertainment Industry Incubator, (305) 672-9297.

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