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Confessions of a Realtor
(released 3/2/2005)

"Confessions Of A Realtor" is a dark, twisted story of how one realtor loses himself in his profession. He confuses the buying and selling of homes with the giving and taking of life.

As in any suspense-thriller, this short film intertwines mystery and suspense with an unpredictable pace. The incredulous journey begins as a young, loving couple search for their first home. The house hunting trip becomes more than the couple bargains for as they slowly realize the realtor isn't just selling a house, he's selling the deed to death's door.

"Confessions Of A Realtor" was shot in the neighborhood of Miami Shores. The cast and crew, most of whom are in the television news business, are all based in Miami and work on movies in their spare time.

The Mini DV movie started and wrapped production in a matter of days. The movie was edited with Final Cut Pro 4 in about a month's time.

Behind the camera was director Christopher Volz. The cast consisted of Johnnie U, Yusila Ramirez, Jose Antonio Saint Esteben and Mike McNaughton.

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