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(released 2/21/2005)

The ABC/DGA Television Directing Fellowship Program

Deadline: March 31

Fellows will observe and be mentored by select DGA directors as part of a rotation system intended to provide exposure to different perspectives and artistic approaches. Applicants with prior directing exposure or experience and technical proficiency in film and video production are best situated to fully benefit from the Program. Appropriate applicants might include theatre directors, associate directors, assistant directors, stage managers, those who have directed their own or other independent films, as well as participants in the DGA Mentoring Program (applicants are not required to be or become DGA members). This Program is open to those interested in either multi- or single-camera directing.

The Program is also intended to increase opportunities for professional relationships with executive producers, show runners, and other television executives. Directing assignments are not provided, implied or guaranteed. However, if during the Program or within two years of successful completion of the Program, a participant obtains a directing assignment on a series broadcast on ABC, then ABC will reimburse or pay the production company that employs the Fellow the DGA minimum cost for the assignment. For more info:

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