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FLIFF Adds Short Film Festival
(released 12/15/2009)

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival has decided to add a Short Film Festival to the schedule and it is a one day event taking place Sunday, December 20th.  It will be at the usual Cinema Paradiso.  Tickets are only $5.00; festival members are free.  The screenings begin at 1pm with a total of 20 shorts in all.

Cinema Paradiso is located at:

503 SE 6th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

For more information, go to or call (954) 525-FILM.

The short films are:

AMI UNDERGROUND directed by D.W. Young / USA /2009 / 13min / HDCam
Take a ride on the New York subway with artist Ami Plasse and catch a glimpse of his unique vision of life beneath the street.

BATHTUB TO HAPPINESS directed by Nadine & Norbert Keil / Germany / 2009 / 26 min / DVD
An enchanted comedy about romantic evenings gone wrong, true love and magical bathtubs.

THE BENEFICIARY directed by Theodore Melfi / USA / 2009 / 18 min / DVD
Three lives are tragically altered when an ordinary event ignites a chain reaction of paranoia and murder.

BED RIDDEN directed by Jonathan Heap / USA / 2009 / 28 min / DVD
A young addict handcuffed to a bed frame stumbles his way through the streets of Los Angeles, desperate to score.

BUTTERSCOTCH directed by Jon Keeyes / USA / 2009 / 18 min / DVD
When three suicide-obsessed people decide to go on a trip of a lifetime to plan their perfect funerals they form a fractured family.

COOK FOOD directed by Frank O’neill / USA / 2009 / 15 min / DVD
A not so typical day at a Jamaican restaurant, where a young single waitress struggles to raise her unruly son and cope with the men in her life.

DREAM THE LIFE directed by Rebecca Rocheford Davies / Australia / 2009 / 27min / DVD
Australian hunk of phenomenon and bad-boy actor returns home to shoot a low-budget film when his world collides with a small-town waitress.

ELLE(S) directed by Renaud Moran / France - China / 2008 / 29 min / DVD / English & Chinese w/English sub-titles In Beijing, during a college English language class, A-Dong plays the fool. The pretty Mia, a female classmate, notices him.

THE FUNERAL directed by Jonathan Emmerling / USA / 2009 / 16 min / DVD
After the loss of their mother, three brothers deal with their father's unique grieving process.

HELP directed by Val Lauren / USA / 2008 / 38 min / DVD
We follow Roman on the night he sets out on a mission. But just what that is, is not so clear at first.

HUNGER directed by Stephen Johnson / UK / 2008 / 15 min / DVD
A dark, noir-ish thriller about desire and the consequence of apathy.

I CAN SPEAK SWEDISH directed by David Forster and Charlene Loh / Australia / 2009 / 18 min / DVD / English & Swedish w/English sub-titles Jane buys a used car, in which she finds items that provide her with the chance to communicate with a world she once feared. Hope is the same in any language.

IRIS directed by Maya Anand / USA / 2009 / 15 min / HDCam
When Iris White uncovers a treasure in her own backyard, her life is forever changed. But how far will she go to defend it?

LIMBUS directed by Jörg Fockele / Germany / 2008 / 15 min / German w/English sub-titles
With his alcoholic mother unable to function, nine year old Marc desperately tries to keep the family from completely unraveling.

MAI ALTRI directed by Fabio Perroni / Italy / 2008 / 13 min / DVD / Italian w/English sub-titles  Adrift in a chaotic summer’s evening, the encounter between a street photographer and a young man becomes the opportunity to reflect on memory and modernity.

ONCE...A DRESS directed by Maria Papacharalambous & Achilleas Kentonis / Cyprus / 2009 / 14min / DVD
It is a dive in the subconscious, searching for what is neither there nor here. An alchemist, an onion and a head, crossed each other in a dark workshop.

POP SWITCH directed by Jason R. Goode / Canada / 2009 / 18 min / HDCam / English
After years of failing to get his baby-crazed wife pregnant, Frank is suddenly forced to decide whether he’s committed to becoming a ‘Pop’ or not.

ROBERT SHAW directed by Bryan Dobrik / USA / 2009 / 10 min / DVD
Robert Shaw is a glimpse into the trying times of a young man as he attempts to escape the demons of his past.

SINNERMAN directed by Kelly Daniela Norris & Travis Pittman / USA / 2009 / 21 min / DVD
Breathing life to the song of the same name, Sinnerman follows a Bronx teenager in the immediate aftermath of an unforgivable act, as he seeks sanctuary in the people he trusts most.

SKY LIGHT directed by David Bass / Canada / 2009 / 4 min
"Skylight" is a mock animated documentary about the ecological plight of penguins in the Antarctic, possibly foretelling cataclysmic results for the rest of the world.

STILL LIFE / Louis Pappas / USA / 2009 / 13 min / DVD
Once a family man, now a penniless husk of a person, Chris's only pleasure is found in a syringe. Only this time, the drug takes him to a place where he is forced to reconcile with his past.

WEIGH MONEY directed by Reggie Gaskins / USA / 2009 / 14 min / DVD
The streets wanted to make him a drug dealer, all he wanted was to help his family. He was 14 and on his way to millions.

WHERE THE MONSTERS GO / Van Poynton / UK / 2008 / 12 min / DVD
Troubled schoolboy Balder hatches a crazed plan to break into a mysterious house, but his younger cousin Shufts has a dreadful feeling and wants out.

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