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(released 2/1/2005)

Residents of Safety Harbor, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater don't be surprised when you see lights, action and camera crew activity on local streets. Actors will be working on the international feature film, Real Premonition, starting February 11th.

Real Premonition is an action packed international adventure weaving its way through the organized crime world on two continents. Samir Mansouri, played by Ben Affan, has always dreamed of going to America. Once in America, Sam’s dream quickly becomes a nightmare. He finds himself trapped between two warring mafia families. Now all he wants to do is return home to Morocco, but he’s in too deep and knows too much!

Z International Productions, Inc., has selected the Tampa Bay area for several of their filming locations.

Come April, this production will move its cameras to Casablanca, Morocco where they will shoot the remaining scenes.

A 2005 theatrical release is planned.

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