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Film panel brings Local Industry out to Listen.
(released 11/11/2008)

October 16, 2008 the sun set in a calm Tuesday evening down Espanola Way. The Miami Beach Cinematheque was the host venue on this street for an evening of South Florida Industry professionals and aspiring filmmakers to gather.

The crowd was drawn by the Miami International Film Festival's Danette Wolpert and Entertainment Industry Incubator Founder Susan Schein. They collaborated to bring an extension of the MIFF Reel Education Seminar series to the local production Industry.

This night, their efforts produced the panel "How My Indie Made Millions: Secrets from the Producers of Bella & Blair Witch". The crowd started to build before 6:00p.m. and it was standing room only for the on-time arrivals at 6:30p.m.

Susan Schein welcomed the room and introduced Danette Wolpert. Schein then led the audience in an "introduce yourself" flash round.

"Say your name and what you do. No commercials," she preluded and the wave of Actors, Directors, Producers, Photographers, Students, and film enthusiasts chimed in to warm the space.

Once concluded, she introduced Jim Bigham veteran Florida Filmmaker to moderate and launch the Panel. Jim accredited and acknowledged the producers on the panel Robin Cowe Blair Witch and Sean Wolfington Bella. Both had very different paths that brought them to be Producer of a money making movie. Ironically through the discussion aloud on this evening, similar visions for the future of the motion picture business was found.

Pictures from the event are in the PhotoSeen.

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