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Miami Student Wins ED in 08 Scholarship Award
(released 6/17/2008)

Strong American Schools' ED in '08 campaign and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded a $5,000 college scholarship to Ian Rojas of the Miami International University of Art & Design.  He was given an award on Friday, June 6th at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles.

Rojas was the winner in the education category of FYI: Film Your Issue for 2008.  The award was presented by California Secretary of Education Richard Riordan.

Rojas' film High School Drop-Out has now garnered three awards.  It also won the MySpace Impact Audience Award and the Associated Press Award.

His short film shows the contrast between American youths taking education for granted with a boy in Rojas' native Guatemala.  The boy in Guatemala washes windshields to help his family, but only dreams of going to school.

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