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Finesse Mitchell speaks at Orlando Public Library
(released 3/23/2008)

Dating and its dilemmas was the topic of Saturday's 2p.m. downtown Orlando Public Library gathering on the first floor.  Open to everyone, the light crowd was entertained with a reading by Finesse Mitchell.  He presented his first published book by Simon and Schuster called "Your Girlfriends Only Know So Much."

To introduce himself, Mitchell described his Atlanta roots, his walk on to the University of Miami football team, his fraternal brothers, stand up comedy, and his three years on Saturday Night Live.  You may recognize his more recent work in films like Mad Money starring Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah or read his column published in Essence magazine. His evolution has brought him to now... a published author. He says he writes comically, so the book is going to make you laugh. He claims to speak the truth and let you know what a good guy friend would tell you.

Humbled in his blessed life, he read from his newly bound book and confided in his connection to Orlando, his proposal to a Gateway High graduate, and his next appearance in Orlando that could possibly include a few of his comic friends to really work the big crowd.

Calling the Miami Improv a home base and a writing career on a go, the talent Finesse Mitchell has entered the building.

Finesse Mitchell

Finesse Mitchell

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